Budget Plans let you spread out the cost of heating your home over the entire year. Functioning like a credit balance, payments begin in the spring so that by the time the temperature drops, credit towards home heating oil has been generated. This makes paying for home heating oil significantly more manageable.

For instance, an average-sized tank can cost $1,000 or more and you have to pay at once. When you spread out the cost with a budget plan, that $1,000 delivery would cost less than $100 per month.

Budget payments are calculated specifically for you, aimed at the lowest possible payment depending on the amount of oil you used the previous season

  • Budgets are 12 months and you can enroll anytime between March and August
  • To be approved for a budget plan, you must either fill out a credit application (your credit will be run through Experian credit) or supply your credit card number, which we will keep on file and run for your budget amount on the same day each month
  • You can be on a budget plan as either a will-call delivery customer (you call and order a specific amount) or as an automatic customer (we track your consumption and deliver your oil as needed)

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